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Planning to post this on ebay by the end of this week...


NEW OEM Honda ELEMENT Tailgate Cabana (Black) & Cabana Tent Poles (COMBO - 2 PARTS)

Honda Tailgate Cabana 08Z04-SCV-101 MSRP $260.00
The Element's Tailgate Cabana expands the interior cabin space past the tailgate, giving you even more room when parked. Change while standing up, or just enjoy a little more personal space. Rip-stop nylon construction is tough, durable and helps to prevent tearing

Honda Cabana Tent Poles 08Z04-SCV-100A MSRP $77.00
Turn your Tailgate Cabana into a sturdy tent, and enjoy some shade and weather protection. The rear flap of the Tailgate Cabana is lifted high by the tent poles. It's perfect for picnics and car camping. Includes: two tent poles, four ground stakes, guyline, and guyline tensioners

$195 buy it now for both items

$49.95 Shipping
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