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Up for sale is a brand new, in the box, Plantronics Gamecom 377 (Open Ear) Headset.

I recently sent in an older pair of 377's for replacement due to the headphones no longer producing sound, and Plantronics sent me a new pair. I have no more use for these, as I've solely started relying on my Gamecom 777 headset.

Honestly, these are basically the same as the 777, minus the SIMULATED 5.1 surround usb dongle. I also love the "open ear" design, which allows you to hear minor noise in the background (no excuses for telling the wife you didn't hear her nagging at you).

I want to be fair with a price, so I'm looking to get $30 shipped for this headset. Unfortunately Plantronics only covers shipping of RMA items one way, and thus I'm already loosing money on this deal.

I prefer Paypal (confirmed if possible) but will accept Money Orders as well.

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Feel free to PM me any questions.
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