2007 Honda Element EX AWD VIN 5J6YH28777L009600 135,6XX miles

Let's call it "Fair" condition - It runs and I'm driving it occasionally as a 2nd car, but it has issues. I will upload add'l images as soon as I have a chance to empty it out (I'm doing a flooring project and have the cargo area filled with old carpet/padding until I can make a trip to the dump).

The Bad:

- A/C has a very slow leak that I (and 2 mechanics) have not been able to locate. Charge it with refrigerant and it will cool great for several months, but eventually the refrigerant will leak out. Currently empty of refrigerant

- Driven extensively during NJ winters with salt spray and it shows underneath. No body corrosion that I'm aware of, but plenty on the undercarriage. Will take pictures as soon as I can to detail condition.

- Needs suspension work - possibly shocks/struts/ball joints/tie rod ends. Lots of clunks in the rear over bumps, and some from the front when going over bumps with wheels turned.

- Currently throwing a P2646 OBD code with check engine light along with the inability to rev over ~2,500rpm's after about 15 minutes of driving. I have a new OEM Honda solenoid valve that just arrived that I'll install which should solve the issue.

- Hood latch handle broke a while back - I replaced it with an aftermarket aluminum handle, however the hood latch is not capturing the hood correctly currently, so only the secondary latch is holding the hood closed.

The Good:

Interior and exterior are "decent" - it's obviously 15+ years old with some cracking/flaking on the dash, but otherwise interior is passable. All seats are in good shape, doors/windows/moon roof/rear hatch/tailgate all work fine. Exterior has minor dings/scratches as to be expected with a car of this age, but no major damage or rust I can see.

Relatively new starter, alternator and battery. Reliably starts 100% of the time.

Very new tires, <500 miles.

Will update with many more pictures as soon as I have time to get it cleaned out and up on jacks to get photos of undercarriage.