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FS: OEM Wrangler HPs 215/70-16 (4)

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OK, first -- no abuse please, I'm a noob here! :smile:

As mentioned above, these are pulls from a 2009 EX AWD picked up 3 weeks ago. The odometer shows 1,315 miles. I'm installing GY Frontera Triple-Treds rather than continuing to drive on these for another 2-3 years. I believe the standard new-car tire warranty will transfer, so (... whatever that's worth).

The tires are presently at exit 98 on the Garden State Parkway, halfway btw NYC and Atlantic City. I don't mind delivering them to Philly or up to NY. No rims or TPMS included -- sorry!

Price? I'd say $200 firm. For less than that I'd put them away in the basement until I trade the car. Folks in this forum have said 30-40K on the Wrangler HPs is attainable, so if you've been happy with the OEM tires on your Element this could be your best deal of the month.

PM to jginnane, or email [email protected] Thanks!
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I was asked if I'd ship them. (Just like I occasionally ask people in CA if they wouldn't mind shipping stuff from the Left Coast. ;p ) My reply --

' Shipping costs a big chunk of what I'm asking for the tires themselves, so it's not a good idea. I don't mind running them a hundred miles in one direction, in the back of my E -- I'd just like a buyer to have his inspection, get a copy of the papers he might need if there's ever a warranty issue, and pay on the spot, no "certified checks from Zimbabwe" business like you get on Craig's List. :p '

These aren't a unique item -- just a good price if you want them. I've driven 300 miles to collect some things I've found online (a Velodyne sub, a Lian Li case) but I wouldn't put "shoes" in that category. The nice thing is, since we all drive around in these big shipping boxes anyways, you don't have to struggle to put 4 extra tires in the back (unless you've been living in your car).
I Will Take Em , Email sent
Hi Ron!

There's already one person ahead of you (by email) this morning. I sent him pix and would expect to hear back shortly. If he doesn't come through, they're yours. My tire pull, Wrangler HP to Fortera TT, isn't even til this afternoon. (Goodyear store, 201 Hwy 35 in Eatontown NJ)

(Gee, anyone want pictures of four almost-new Wrangler HPs on stock ally rims? No? Well -- that's why I didn't post them here. :) )

The 4 Wrangler HPs have been SOLD to RonRob22 at the agreed price. Thanks everyone for looking!
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