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FS: Off-Road Element - 2005 Cargo Khaki

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Toying with the idea of downsizing my car. Here is a list of everything

2005 Element Ex
85500 miles
Cargo Khaki
Yokohama Geolander AT-S with 85% tread. 235-70-16 in size. LX wheels painted dark grey.
Custom roof rack
Sparman 2.5 inch lift
Kenwood Double Din touchscreen stereo
Other things I am sure I am forgetting.

KBB lists the car for $12,100 in good shape, asking $12.5k

Will post pics when I get a chance
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Older pics of the car before the new roof rack.

The element with lift, Yakima basket is gone now, custom rack is on, but basically looks like this-

Here is an older pic before the lift

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been super busy with work, will have updated pics this weekend
Say it ain't so . . . bump for a sweet CK! :D
thank you. just need a smaller car. sad to see it go. who knows, may hold on to it
no sunroof... i was still thinking about putting a pop top on it anyways with a gobi ladder going up to it. could be really cool
Sorry for all of the questions, but is the roof rack fixed, or can it be removed?
would u trade for a small pickup and cash...
the roof rack can be removed without a problem. unbolt 8 screws and it comes off. have the original plastic covers as well for the rain gutters.

price lowered to $12,250 obo

what car did you have in mind to trade? email or message with details-

miles are at 86,900
still have this. been lazy on selling (prob because i dont want too). 88,350 miles
your pics in post 4 disappeared.

I'd be interested in the tires if you end up parting them out.
ill be sure to update the pics, thanks for the heads up.

not going to part out anything, selling as a package
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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