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That also means that all of my McIntosh (that i had headache after headache over) is being sold as well.


someone can buy the car with all my McIntosh IN it for $12,500 (05EXAWDmanualCKleather106K).

or, someone that wants the best sound they can get can take my ENTIRE McIntosh system (minus speakers, although i will sell the subs) for $3,000!!!

that includes:
McIntosh MX406 CD Control Center
McIntosh MPM4000 Meter Module
McIntosh MCD4000 CD Changer (6 disc)
McIntosh MCC404 4x100w mains amp
McIntosh MCC302 2x300w sub amp
JL Power Delivery
Memphis 1.2f capacitor
JL 10w6 times two, in a custom black vinyl box that is removable.

If you buy the car, you also get the Rotary volume control for the subs, the Valentine One, the Dynamat, and all the custom Analysis Plus cabling.

This car (and system) won the 05 November E of month award, and I love this car, but i simply have to sell her before I get into med school...I need something smaller (read: VW R32) and so I need the money!

any questions, please ask! plenty of pictures and other stuff found here:

I really hope someone snatches this stuff up on here...people on craigslist and ebay really don't understand what this McIntosh stuff is, and people that don't own elements just dont understand how awesome they are.

you can also see more details about the car itself here:

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