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FS: Thinking about selling 20" Zinik Rims

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As the title states, I am thinking about selling my 20" Zinik Monza rims. The rims are 20 x 8.5, I do not know the offset however they came on the used Element my mother bought. The wheels do have some curb rash, they came that way. They currently have Toyo Proxes S/T tires on them with tread left, however you will need to look into replacing one or two of the tires since the side wall of one of the tires has a tear in it, but it does not leak. Here are a couple pics of the rims on my E. I will try to get more pics up of individual rims within the next few days. Asking $1000 obo, I would prefer pick up but I am willing to work out shipping. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.


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I would also be willing to trade plus cash for other wheels, offroad, or stock with tires. Thanks for looking!
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why sell it looks great!! I grew up neer morristown,havent been there in 40+ years.wait a minute isant there 2 morristowns in nj?time to ponder,now I dont know where I grew up.crap I'm lost for ever now. wait a sec,army base,air force base,,browns mills, somebodys bbq,chickens& eggs,licqeior store,pink lady,home. hey I think I just found my self!!! crap I dont beleave I went all the way back there and didn't get any of that bbq or ICE CREAM and bring back. oh well next trip. I can almost taste the icecream from hime's Icecream parlor,(probly not the right name,I knew her as grandmaw hunny). a mind is a teariable thing to waste. keep the rims.
I would love to keep them, but tires cost a lot for them and I need to save all I can at the moment. There's a Morristown and Moorestown NJ, I live in Morristown which is central/north Jersey. Thanks for looking! Sunday bump to the top!
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do have a close up shot of the wheels? also price is steep considering the style of wheel may not be for everyone.
I still have to take individual pics, I am storing them in my parents garage at the moment. Wheels have some curb rash, they were that way when I got them. I think price new per wheel is around $350, and anyone who wants bigger wheels knows its a bigger price tag. I would be willing to negotiate within reason of course.
Still looking for interest bump!
Monday night bump! I am open to offers, let me know!
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