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FS: Winter Wheel and Tire package

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Sorry new to this pic thing, just ignore the other set of wheels, the ones you are looking at are the ones with tires....thanks

]I am selling these for my mother because she sold her 05 Element EX AWD. They are pretty much brand new 15" steelie wheels(they came painted black so not all rusty looking) w/ never used hubcaps, the tires are Firestone Winterforce dedicated snow tires. This setup made my mothers element damn near unstoppable in the snow.

These were only used for 3 months and thats it, so therefore they are pretty much brand new. I can get you the exact size of the tire if need be. This setup cost over $550 brand new when we got it from the Tirerack. I am asking $400 or best offer. I am willing to ship but at buyers expense only.

I will get the pics loaded up later tonight guys, feel free to email with any [email protected] for looking
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Fill out your profile so we know where you live, or atleast post it up, Thank You!
Sorry guys, I just signed up here to sell these for her. I am located in sioux city, Iowa 51103. Also the guy who emailed me earlier please send me another one cuz I accidently deleted ur email. I wanted to send u some pics of them.....thanks guys
I forgot to tell you guys that I have a brand new set off carpet floor mats for the Element (still in the box, never used) that I will throw in with this deal. Also there is a set of lugs nuts too so all you have to do is get the wheels home and put em on!!.....Thanks
pics are up!! see original post....thanks
Price drop!!! 300.00 firm...this is a steal guys and I will throw in the new floormats, need these gone!...Thanks
if you were local, I'd pick these up in a heartbeat...........but alas, I am in NJ.
That's what Fed Ex is for:)give me 450 and they will be on your door step...let me know...thanks
what size are the tires ? i'm near enough for a pick up.
The tire size is 215/75 15
Got em' cleaned up this weekend, they are looking for a new home!!
New pics are up, click on the link in original post. After cleaning them up I can't believe how new these things are, tires have 95 percent tread left, someone jump on this, winter is right around the corner!!......thanks
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