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I have two grille items below for sale. They are both used & I will pay for Fed Ex Ground shipping to anywhere in the 48 continental states.

I recently updated my grille & removed these. Check my cardomain page to see my new grille. I know many wont have a use for the OEM grille unless you recently had an accident or think you can resale for higher. It has the original Emblem still on. The aftermarket grille goes in front of the OEM grille & has the cut-out for the emblem. The aftermarket mesh grille was originally natural steel color but I spray painted it black. You can respray if you want it never chipped away except for the spots where the zip-ties i used to keep it in place. Both grilles are very easy to intall.


I will sell them each or as a set, its up to you.

Used Aftermarket Upper Black grille = $20.00

Used OEM upper Grille = $20.00

FedEx Ground Shipping = Free

I think that covers everything & if want to know more let me know.
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