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The fuel filler door on the Honda Element can break (ours is the 2004 model).
A new part cost about $50 at the dealer; $100 total installed (for those who are helpless).
If the door is broken, it's possible to get it rewelded.

If yours is not broken, it would be a good idea to lubricate the hinge periodically (once a year? every 2 yrs? 4???). Otherwise, the hinge can bind on the hinge pin & the door breaks off: the pin gets twisted causing the welds to fail.

The assembly is a door w pin, a bracket & a metal tension clip.
A pin is fitted thru the door hinge, then the ends of the pin are welded to the bracket. The metal tension clip holds the door open or closed. To lubricate it remove the 2 screws holding the bracket to the car (10mm socket & extension), then remove the door & lubricate the hinge. You might want to clean it first.

My neighbor rewelded mine last night. It took about 15 minutes & he used a metal coat hanger as the welding material. Afterwards, I cleaned up the parts & hit them w a wire brush & wet/dry sandpaper. Then repainted the bracket w engine enamel (the paint on the door was fine). I'll bake it in the oven to cure the paint. I did a test fit of the tension clip & the door operates fine.
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