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I left with a absolutely full tank.
We drove on mostly superhighways from Chicago to Kettle Moraine WI.
Using Cruise where posible.
We then drove through the Moraine, looking at color and some historical sites.
No cruise on country Scenic Drive through the Moraine.
Then reversed our route back home.
Slightly pre rush hour heavier traffic but still used Cruise where possible.
294.0 miles round trip.

This morning I refueled with exactly 11 gallons.

Using 'Old Math I learned in early 50's' that works out to 26.7 MPG.
Give or take a fraction.

Now this seems a bit too good for a 1 month old E with only 1K total miles.
Almost too good.
But I'll take it.

Anyone see a problem with my math?

BTW: Lowest grade regular. Tires at factory spec. 2 Adults, and 150# of dogs.

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Oh definetly

It is possible to get such high mpg (not that I ever do), but a single tank is merely one data point. Track your mileage for 10 tanks, and you'll have something to hang your hat on.
Yes I'm sure, with a trip that was mostly interstate/cruise control, that will not be a norm.

But....I was surprised that it was that good.

I'm a pretty 'conservative' driver.
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