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Here is a copy of my latest blog post. I did not want to link out of the EOC site. If any recipient of prizes needs any help with installation suggestions, please send me a PM or write a post here.

Just last weekend over 250 Honda enthusiasts gathered to learn, interact and experience Honda products in Columbus Ohio.

G-bags is a proud sponsor of this event. G-bags were designed originally for the Honda Element. “Having become frustrated with limited storage in today’s vehicles we set off on a mission in 2005 to work out solutions. Having spent countless hours designing, creating, recreating and producing proto types our first G-bag was produced in 2007 for the Honda Element. The bag quickly became popular and we branched out to other applications including canoes, kayaks, ATV’s campers, RV’s.​

We are most proud to offer a product that was designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States. We are especially proud when a customer first sees and handles a G-bag and realizes that the quality and workmanship of the G-bag surpasses their expectations”​

The following products were donated to the 2008 Honda Element Honda Ridgeline Owners Club International Meet - Columbus/Marysville, Ohio​

Original G-bag Midnight​
Original G-bag Dusk​
Original G-bag Quick Silver​
Pouch G-Bag - Small Dusk​
Pouch G-bag Small Quick Silver​
Pouch G-bag Midnight​
Pouch G-Bag - Medium Midnight​
G-bag Utility Medium Midnight​
G-bag Utility Quick Silver​
G-bag Utility Medium Dusk​

We look forward to sponsoring this and other car enthusiast events in the future.​

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Me too. I was one of the lucky winners of the G Bags. Thanks for your sponsorship and a great product. I plan on using in the element and the smaller one in my camper tent trailer. Very versatile.

My husband, dom.five won the other set.

Thanks again. Patty
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