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Gas Cap design...

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OK, so I'm looking at my gas cap and thinking the little nodge to the right looks like a nose. Could I find a great little sticker design to take advantage of that to make a cute little face picture? Don't know why, but I'm having so much fun with my E that I want to do some really creative and unexpected fun things with my casita on wheels. Any creative designs from the artistic folks out there for my gas cap?

My E gets an A from me.
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Are most of you all buying locking gas caps?
I got one!

Here in Chicago, you got to have one. A lot of mean people will put sugar down your tank just for kicks.
Never had the sugar experiance and don't care to have one now, so I got one too. You know what they ounce of prevention...
Never been in an accident but always wear my seat belt :wink:
I am definitely considering it. The locking gas cap, that is.
OK, I'm getting the picture that my thread origination was, uh, not very exciting stuff. But I saw some ideas at the CA State Fair I just went to today. Lots of white stickers that would fit nicely on a gas cap. In fact, I got the idea from seeing someone else with a cute design on their cas gap -- so I'm not the only one with that thought. I STOLE the concept - just want to improve on the design. None of what I saw at the fair though was what I had in mind for my "Sunny" but I know there are things out there so I'll keep looking. Or perhaps I'll design my own...

So friends, indulge us with some estoeric ideas... At least you all were kind enough to respond to the thread, although redirecting it to other thoughts.
I think I should be clearer ... it's not the gas cap I mean, but the external gas cap cover. The thing you open up to get to the gas cap. I put a sticker on there today that I cut out from my insurance company that says in a picture - "don't drive and talk on your cell phone". I used it because it was a circle in orange with the NO line through it and a graphic on someone on a cell phone in a car. It's a temporary thing but I'll keep it til I find something better. Since I have a SOP I like anything with orange as a theme...
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