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Gas Mileage

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Just got the Element EX 4WD and filled the tank for the first time. The needle read on the last line of Empty (before the void around the "E"). I only got about 230 miles and it took 11.6 gallons. I understand the fuel capacity to be 15.9 gallons.

Is anyone else having this issue or should I wait one more tank...?
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I know that during the breakin period, the 1st 600 miles or so, the milage is not as good as when the car gets broken in.

I did not let my tank get that low, but I know when I fill it, it goes go all the way to F and beyond the scale on the dial. I would guess that there is room after the scale to E.

Most cars have a gal or so in reserve once the light comes on. I would assume that the Element is the same. That my be why you only put 11.6 back into the tank.
I bought it with 706 miles, but maybe I didn't let the needle drop far enough. Also, maybe the dealer didn't completely fill it. I'll be able to have more accurate results after this tank, I think.

Thanks for the reply...

Keep us posted, konzie. We'll all be waiting to hear about your results.

Good luck-
Haven't even put a dent in the gas provided by the dealer...

I have enjoyed reading the reviews - After each review I feel even better about this decision...
...I experienced a similar issue with the gas needle hitting "E" with @ 230 miles on it. Then the light came on at 240+. By calculation I figured I'd be able to drive just over 300 miles on a tank. The MAX miles driven was 275 and I had @ 1.6 gallons left in the tank. THe math comes out to 305 miles per tank at 19.2 MPG. That's probably normal. This was experienced on flat roads in Texas/Oklahoma. I was driving with the "E" light on for like 40 miles and was freaking out. I think Honda purposefully does that so that people aren't left stranded. Having 25% of your tank left when the "E" light comes on is a little too much insurance for me. HOWEVER, The MPG does increase! I recently completed a 3500 mi road trip and Element experienced 19.4 city MPG with < 600 miles (the official break-in point) and steadily increased to 22 MPG on the city/highway, up to 24.3 MPG (my best tank) highway. I had an absolutely full cabin too -floor to cieling with the seats folded up.
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OK, back from 1st road trip with the Element. I am getting over 22 miles per gal with mostly highway driving. I am sure that given enough time after breakin, I am sure it will get even better. We had a full load for the trip.
My second tank had slightly better results:

12.6 gallons and 253 miles for 20.07 mpg. I also had 4 people on board. The light came on at about 240 miles. I currently have 1200 on the odometer. I do find it pretty amazing that the light comes on with that much reserve. Is there any place that states how many gallons are left when the light comes on?
I also noticed that the guage shows it is at E well before the light comes on, which is not a bad thing.. i think it is fine, and so people will not be running around on fumes or stranded!

I think it so easy to be driving along and not realize you have reached E, sooo works for me! I was happy to notice i could get to a gas station without any problem when I saw it had reached E. I was in an area a distance from stations, so that kinda worried me initially.
Just passed the 900 mile mark in my AWD EX this morning. Trying to remain patient with the gas mileage but finding little consistentcy. First tank was approx 20 mpg, 3rd tank down to 16 mpg and now back to approx 19 mpg, all under similar driving conditions. Perhaps just pining for my '95 Civic that was getting 33 mpg when we parted company??? So far have tested the AWD on snow, ice, rain and thick, deep mud all with no complaints-windy days however, are definitely an adventure!!!!!
Give it time. Mileage really depends on lots of factors, traffic, city vs highway, speed, etc. I know when I was 1st driving my Element, the mileage was really bad, much less than I had hoped. By the time I passed the breakin, it was getting better. It is still going up.

Wind.....humm, yeah, that can be a bit of an issue. :!: I went over a few big bridges (For those who know the Whitestone among a few other bridges) on really windy days. You don't shift lanes, but you can really feel it. When I 1st got my Isuzu Trooper, I had the same issue, but got used to how to drive it. I am still learning on the Element. :)
Latest tank:

244 miles @ 12.0 gallons for 20.33mpg

I'm going to post a mileage tracker on my site soon. Stay tuned.

I first tank! I used 11.7 gals and went 247 miles so that just over 21 MPG. I do hope that goes up.
great gas status checks thank you.. keep em comin'!
Still under 1000 miles on the Element, and we did 249.9 miles on 11.6 gals. That is a combo of highway and city driving for a total of 21.5 miles per gal.
Last tank update:

262 miles and 11.97 gallons for 21.89 mpg

Oh yeah, I finally added a mileage tracker to my website (yeah, I was bored)

Konzie how can you be bored you have your Element, :wink:

Hi, my name is Eric, I'm still waiting to have my 2WD Element ! I'm just wondering about gaz consumption. I'm from Quebec (Canada) and I'm use to work with metric units. When you mention 21 or 22 MPG, I hope you speaking about U.S gallons and not Imperial gallons ! Is it the case ?


My first tank was a little over 21 MPG and yes that is US.
Second tank, drove 269 miles and filled up 13.1 gallons so that should be just under 21 MPG. I did drive 65 miles of that in snow so perhaps the 4WD kicking in now and then pulled it down a bit.

The tank is 15.9 gallons I believe and I drove about 25 miles with the low fuel light on. The needle was about 2 millimeters past the empty red block. Looks like you can push that empty needle pretty far.

Total mile 620 :)
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