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hey EOC! I'm new and i have a few questions(i've spent the day looking for most of my answers,but no luck)

a.pertaining to installing fog lights
-once i find the radio code,and unplug the battery,install the fog lights,and replug the battery,will my radio work or do i have to do something with that code?

b.pertaining to painting the plastic trim
-(this is more of a reassurance) should i use the dupont krylon fusion paint? i'd like to paint the trim from blue to black;the E is silver/blue trim

c.pertaining to roof racks and brush guard
-i honestly haven't been able to find anything for a roof rack,and as for the brush guard,do they easily attach to the frame or do i need to weld it on there?

d.pertaining to decals
-where can i obtain the i-vtec and dohc decals from?

thank you so much EOC and my appologies if i went about this unorthodox
(my E is an '05 ex)

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First of all - WELCOME, WELCOME!! Glad you found us!! :cool:

Second - the search function works well as does the FAQ/How To's section (top left of this page). That should answer MANY of your "newbie" questions... :razz::razz: (Resetting the radio code is in the owner's manual).

Enjoy the ride (but, be careful of the zombies). Oh, and post pics of your new E before Jojo sees this (nervously looks over shoulder....:rolleyes:)

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Welcome, Ahnikz199.

Yes, you will need to enter the security code into your radio to make it work after disconnecting the battery. See page 116 of the 2005 owner's manual.

Krylon Fusion works well on plastic panels, but preparation is key. Clean all dirt and wax residue off the plastic, rough with fine sandpaper, and wipe off any dust. Use many thin coats.

As for roof racks and brush guards, there is extensive discussion in the Racks, Hitches & Towing forum.

Decals are available from online retailers and your local Honda dealer.
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