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Honda's new Plastic Panel Coating is a quick-drying, transparent spray that can cover up minor scratches and scuffs on the Element's exterior plastic cladding.
Cladding must be clean and dry when Plastic Panel Coating is applied.
For best results, the coating should be applied in a well ventilated area where temperatures are 65 to 80F.
This product covers up scratches and scuffs; it does not eliminate them. The coating will wear off over time, and scratches may become visible again. As a rule of thumb, owners may want to reapply the coating to the plastic cladding whenever the painted surfaces of the vehicle are waxed.
Part # 08732-9011 / 4oz. spray can / List price $7.75

Honda parts information bulletin A03-0014 8-12-03

:cry: I hate scratches :cry:
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