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Getting more leg room and acceleration

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I am in the process of purchasing a new 09 EX and have 2 questions that I could use some help with.

1. Is there any way to get a few more inches of leg room in the drivers seat. I am 6'10'' the EX BUT just barely have enough leg room. Can't seem to find any answers from the dealer etc. There has to be a way without costing an arm and a leg.

2. What has been E owners experience with highway cabin noise and accelerating into normal freeway speeds

thanks much

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Hmm, maybe some of the other experienced members could help you with the legroom issue, may retrofit the drivers seat further back somehow? I know I am about 5'9 with a shorter torso, so I prefer mine all the way back and its perfect, and rear passengers have plenty of room.

As far as the road noise, true story. Test drove CR-V and Element in the same visit and compared this factor. Sure, the road noise is somewhat more noticeable in the Element because of lack of carpeting, design and such. Bought the CR-V because I thought I wanted less road noise, or so I thought. Was unhappy, traded up and got my E. The road noise was not much more noticeable at all. The WIND noise was MORE noticeable on the CR-V for some reason than road.

Depends on the asphalt too I noticed. Some terrible roadshighways around town. It gets kinda loud, but it goes away when Im on normal roads, has nothing IMO to do with the E. I get even up to 70, and the cabin is acceptable. Hope this helps. :cool:
I have an 07 SC and as far as the road noise goes I used damping material in all the doors, both inner and outer skin, and close to 100% coverage on them. This cut road noise down considerably as well as took the "clank" out of the doors shutting which everyone on here knows what i am talking about. I used the "ballistic" material from the guys at metra electronics and it works great.
Welcome, Carlsonph.

Search term "legroom" returned several relevant threads, including this one.

Soundproofing has been discussed extensively. Enjoy your reading.

Best way to gauge acceleration is with a test drive.
You guys and all your sound deadening, thats just adding weight and taking away gas mileage and performance. Its just noise, ride in my camaro, thats road noise, I took out every last peice of sound deadening, even the carpet was changed to light weight, but the interior looks stock, cant even tell, I dropped 50+ lbs, gained alot out of it.
Hey man, I'm 6'8'' and know exactly what you're talking about with the leg room. I normally drive barefoot. I know that's not the kind of answer you are looking for, but it works wonders for me.

As far as merging on to the highway, I've never had any issues with that. All you have to do is put your foot on the gas and the element takes off. I sometimes feel you really have to tell it to get going (steep inclines), but compared to any other 4 cylinder SUV I test drove, the element had the best acceleration.

The link above for the threads about legroom, make me want to mod my driver seat as well...
bare feet? how thick are your shoes? I guess every bit helps.I have seat covers ,but they just dont feel Wright,more time to ponder the situation.
Ewwwww I wouldn't drive my E barefoot, I know where my shoes have been previously! :shock: :twisted:

Welcome to the asylum btw :D

The only noise issue I had with my Element originally was the noise of things sliding and rolling around in the back. Adding a hood and front window rain deflectors increased wind noise slightly, but it wasn't objectionable.

Since I installed foam flooring in the rear and carpeting front and rear, the road noise is comparable to that of a similar weight 4 cylinder sedan. The combined weight of the foam and carpet is around 10#. I rarely have to raise the radio level above 3-4 bars to get respectable bass response from the stock sub-woofer. (My wife tells me to turn the radio down at that level.)

Regarding acceleration, I've never had any difficulty merging onto an interstate or passing at highway speed.
There are just some places you can't go without shoes...

hate hate hate hate
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