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Good Price $19,953 or should I keep shopping

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Just had a dealer call me , he has an AWD EXS with automatic tranny in the color I want for $19,953 which includes the destination charges & air bags. Should I keep shopping?
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I wrote that in caps to get your attention. Not because I'm yelling. Anyway, you'll be stealing an E at that price, but you also might want to investigate two things first:

#1 Is this a new vehicle with just a few miles on it, or was this vehicle returned to the dealer by an intended owner after his financing fell through and he had put LOTS of miles on it?
#2 Regardless of #1, is there anything wrong with the vehicle?.......thoroughly check it out!!!!!!!

FYI, my vehicle is outlined in my signature line. It stickered for $21,310.00. We paid $20,022.00 for it after my wife's employee discount. So, if you are getting a brand new E at a price less than that of an employee, AND getting side airbags on top of that awesome price, I'm VERY jealous!!!!
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