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Good Price $19,953 or should I keep shopping

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Just had a dealer call me , he has an AWD EXS with automatic tranny in the color I want for $19,953 which includes the destination charges & air bags. Should I keep shopping?
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Thanks all for the replys. I definetly will check it out. As far as I know it is a new one, I hope he (the salesman) wouldn't mislead me. This of course is with no dealer options which after belonging to this web site makes me believe I don't need then to charge me an arm and a leg for installation costs, I'm pretty handy. I will check out the web sites you guys recomended & buy my stuff there. Don't need to finance the options. Can add as I get more money!! Thanks again!
Dont' mention tattos! My right arm upper arm is covered. You are so right, if I didn't get married & have kids, it would've been full sleeves for me! But I do have that disease with my Harley, now my wife is gonna have it with the E (we hope)! I'll be very supportive, after all, its for the entire family!!!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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