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Good Price $19,953 or should I keep shopping

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Just had a dealer call me , he has an AWD EXS with automatic tranny in the color I want for $19,953 which includes the destination charges & air bags. Should I keep shopping?
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Ummmmm.....RUN....don't walk to that dealer and sign on the bottom line and start enjoying your new E!!!!

Seriously....that is a great deal....I would buy at that is better than what I paid and I felt that I got a good deal!
That is the way to go....we bought our E almost 3 months ago with no extras.....and over the course of the last 3 months we have added.....carpets to the cargo area, Honda Cargo organizer, Steel Horse Console, Mud Flaps, Roof Rack, Remote Keyless Entry and Alarm, Steering Wheel Cover, Side steps, Chrome Exhaust Tip, and multi-colored bungee! I never thought I would ever spend so much on car goodies! But with the E it is like a disease.....what is it they say about tatoos....once you have one you just want another....well that is kinda how flair is for your piece, then another, and another....and then before you know it your E is fully Eccessorized!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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