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Got it!

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Bought one of the last 2 NBP AWD EX Elements off the lot at Brown Honda in Toledo Ohio yesterday. Had been told by the dealer I was working with that I would have to settle for my second or third choice colors since they didn't have black and thought they wouldn't be able to get one.

Took me one phone call to find a dealer with 2 on their lot. Told the salesman over the phone that I'd be in the next morning to buy one of the two.

Drove it home 3 hours later.

Me very happy!

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Congratulations... Good luck with the E NBP!! I've had my SOP 4WD a week now...totally love it!! I hope you will too.
Congrats! Sorry that the original salesman was such a ninny! NBP is on just about every single dealers lot....really quite amazing that in this day and age of the Internet and being able to check dealers inventory that you still had to deal with old selling tactics!

Have a great time in your new E! Post pics if you get a chance!

Happy Motoring!
Great that you got exactly what you wanted. After all, you are the one who is paying and has to live with it the next few years. Congrats and enjoy! :D
I was NOT spending over 20,000 on a car to get my second or third choice color. No way!

Drove it in to work today, first highway drive. What a blast! I love that little car/truck/SUV, whatever the hell it is.

Now in all fairness, I traded in a 96 Ford Taurus with 110,000 miles on it, that was leaking tranny fluid at an alarming rate, so an Aztek probably would have made me happy.. (No, not really, I still wouldn't drive an Aztek.)

Honda has a winner. But of course, you already knew that!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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