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Got it!!!!

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Picked up my 2009 Tango Red Pearl EX today. Only a short drive so far but I love it!!!!!!

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Would love to post a pic or two but am having trouble. I have 3 pics in an album in my profile. Anyone care to help out?

Nice new E. Congrats and welcome to the club! No clue as far as the pics. Maybe try resizing them?
Help for a fellow new E owner

Here you go KY-Raptor We both made the jump today for our new E's it's the least I could do! Congrats!:D


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Nice Ride(s). going to go sit in the corner and eat my Jealous sandwich now.
Nice color...I just joined this club when I bought my CFM '09 on 7/03/09. I remember I took it camping for the 4th of July weekend straight from the dealer's lot. Took no time to break it in haha.
Thanks for the photo help and the compliments. My wife and I are hoping to take our new E camping soon. For now, I'm going to enjoy cruising around in it.

I feel very fortunate to have found such a dedicated and friendly group of people who share my love of the E.
Congrats on the new E!

What area of KY are you located? My folks live near the KY speedway. So you can find me in those parts several times a year.
I am located about 35 miles southwest of Louisville.
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