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Got my first "I gotta get one of those" today

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I came out of my townhouse to get some stuff I had in the E and discovered a neighbor giving it the thorough look over.

He drives a Mercury Mountaineer (about 85k miles/year, as he's in Real Estate( and his wife drives a CRV. Actually, he's driving the CRV, since he has 20,000 miles to burn before the lease runs out in September.

Anyway, he had not looked seriously at the car because he thought it was "just a car for kids", but is now planning to visit the dealer. :wink:

He also thought his customers would get a kick out of it. (I can see it now. "My car's in the shop; I had to borrow my son's)
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We were at an outdoor concert last night and when we returned to the car -- there were 3-4 people admiring our E. My wife said "kinda ugly?" and they said "No! -- we like it!!".

We had a kid working the Burger King drive thru staring at us the other week. He finally asked "is that a new model?" ... and my wife said "yeah, pretty cool, eh?" and he just grimiced and didn't say anything ... it was funny. He obviously had that "tasted my first beer" look on his face -- haha.

The reactions are so mixed, its really kind of fun.

Some are just like "ewww" and some others are like "eww -- I think I like it" and others are just "cool dude!". It grows on you, what can I say?!

I agree that is does seem to bridge age, gender and racial barriers!!
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