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Got my first "I gotta get one of those" today

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I came out of my townhouse to get some stuff I had in the E and discovered a neighbor giving it the thorough look over.

He drives a Mercury Mountaineer (about 85k miles/year, as he's in Real Estate( and his wife drives a CRV. Actually, he's driving the CRV, since he has 20,000 miles to burn before the lease runs out in September.

Anyway, he had not looked seriously at the car because he thought it was "just a car for kids", but is now planning to visit the dealer. :wink:

He also thought his customers would get a kick out of it. (I can see it now. "My car's in the shop; I had to borrow my son's)
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Let me set the stage by saying I'm a silver-haired 53-year-old grandfather. I've gotten lots of "thumbs up" signs and big smiles from various motorists and given several impromptu tours to gawkers in parking lots, at the pool and such. Element fans have ranged from 18 to 68 so far in my experience.

But the other evening I was driving across town and had 3 20ish African-American guys pass me- all hanging out of their car smiling and giving me the "thumbs up" sign. The thought occured to me that in our culture today VERY FEW things could make 3 20-year-old African-American guys grin, wave and give the "thumbs up" sign to a 53-year-old white grandfather!

The Element crosses cultural boundaries in a refreshing way. Thank you Honda.

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