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Got some favorite places in Mojave to camp at?

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The wife and I are planning our first camping excursion in the E this coming week, starting in Kern River Valley, road-tripping through Mojave Natural Preserve, and ending up in Joshua Tree for the weekend (Apr. 24/25).

We bought the tail-gate Cabana so we could sleep in the E, break down quickly and move on. I will be taking a lot of pictures and will post any relevent ones here when I'm done.

Anyone have any memorable places they recommend visiting in Mojave they would like to share?

Anyone interested in meeting up in J-tree for the day?
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The poppy fields were one of my favorite places to go the when I lived with my sister in Lancaster, those pics bring back some great memories.:)

I just got back from my trip:), and although we never made it to Kennedy Meadows (too much snow) and wish I could've gone out to see Death Valley, we had a blast anyhow.

Because of the rain on Wednesday, we decided to hit up Stone Brewery in Escondido for the evening and head straight to Mojave National Preserve the following morning.

It snowed on us on the way up to our campground, amazing for springtime in the desert, and actually stuck for the night. The next day we went exploring throughout the park, checking out the dunes and and old iron mine.

By Saturday it was as clear as a bell, we could see snow on the back side of Arrowhead, San Jacinto Peak, as well as the southern tip of the Sierras, simply spectacular.

I posted all the relevent pics in a new album on my profile:razz:
I hear ya!! Just coming back to the city makes me sick with all the smog, allergies, work, haha.

I want to go back!
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