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Got some favorite places in Mojave to camp at?

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The wife and I are planning our first camping excursion in the E this coming week, starting in Kern River Valley, road-tripping through Mojave Natural Preserve, and ending up in Joshua Tree for the weekend (Apr. 24/25).

We bought the tail-gate Cabana so we could sleep in the E, break down quickly and move on. I will be taking a lot of pictures and will post any relevent ones here when I'm done.

Anyone have any memorable places they recommend visiting in Mojave they would like to share?

Anyone interested in meeting up in J-tree for the day?
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When you go through 29, wave at my 2.12 acre parcel to the east. (Or, as I like to think of it, a campsite with property taxes.)

It's all good. There's BLM land checkerboarded all over the place, if you're looking for somewhere free/cheap to stop overnight. You might stop at a BLM office along the way, and pick up maps and advice.

In addition to J Tree (sigh...), there's Jawbone Canyon (free camping, if you don't mind ATVs) and Red Rock Canyon State Park (gasp-worthy gorgeousness) north of Mojave (the town). Painted Canyon south of the National Park is gorgeous, and a great route -- aka. Box Canyon Road -- to check out if you also want to see the Salton Sea. While in the Park, definitely check out Keys Overlook and Geology Tour Road. And Pinto Mountain. And the bighorn sheep down at the Cottonwood Oasis. And everything else.

29 has a fun historical museum & art gallery. The 29 Palms Inn grows their own veggies and makes a wicked turkey sandwich. Crossroads Cafe in Joshua Tree (the town) makes a great breakfast.

I'm due for another trip down in mid-May. Good thing -- I think I'm due! Have a fantastic trip!

Edited for a P.S.: You'll probably go right through Red Rock Canyon on your way down from the Kern River Valley (heading south on 14). If this is the case, I'd recommend definitely making a point to take some of the turnouts off the highway -- some of the most specatacular parts of Red Rock canyon are right next to 14, but easy to miss if you're heading South.
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