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Guys i have been going to the dealer 7 out of 8 weeks because of numerous gouges and the driver side window was leaking. Everytime i get a piece replaced in the car, another gouge appears. When i go back the following week to fix the copy gouge, another gouge appears at a different location. Is it me or the tech's at the dealership don't give a crap at their job! I am getting sick and tired spending my time and money to drop off my car at the dealer and getting my car back with a new gouge. I have been gouged so many time, my car could be considered swiss cheese!

I picked up my car last night and paid $99 to fix a ding and guess what! They fixed the ding alright but i found out i got a paint chip in it's place. Further more, either the dealer or the dent company gave me a new dent on the same side passenger door panel!!! Jesus Christ!!!

What should i do? I need some advice fast and soon!

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