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I've been thinking about purchasing a grill guard and driving lights to go on it for my E. I found an older thread in here (click here for it) that talked about some grille guards. One really interested me, a guard by Manik. I've done lots of browsing the web and searching but can't seem to find it or one like it. What I like about it is that it won't scrape the ground under certain circumstances and that it doesn't have bars in front of the headlights but still around them.
Does anyone know where to find this particular guard or one like it? I'd be willing to settle for bars in front of the headlights, but not dragging.
Also, are there any suggestions for good driving lights that look good on the E?
And finally, is it difficult to install the driving lights and does it all look good (no wires running in visible places or nasty cuts) when it's installed?

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