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Hi All..

Forgive me if I make some obvious newbie mistake but this is my first ever post to any message board. When I first saw the Element on Honda Canada's website in the fall, I thought it was about the ugliest thing around. I cannot get my mind off of it...can it actually be as perfect as it seems? My wife and I have a 2000 Accord EXL and have been looking for a vehicle with more utility. I thought Minivan (the Odyssey) but as my wife pointed out, there are no soccer mom's in our house. Maybe a larger sport-ute...but I can't accept their copious thirst for fuel , especially for everyday driving to work.
I am a diver and need a vehicle with tons of room inside for gear (wet gear) and especially tanks....has anyone tried to put a standard tank in the back with the rear seat down?

Changing for a dive can be a bit of a challenge, has anyone used the cabana?

My bottom line is this.....if I were to design a vehicle for diving, I may come pretty close to the Element. Well, perhaps a Hummer H2 or a fullsize conversion van, but I can't afford either and really, most of my driving is around town anyway. So, help me over the hump, are there any divers out there who use the Element....I am 36, well out of the demo, but this vehical seems to work...

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