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My wife and I are in our late 30's as well. The Element was what we were looking for. We had an Isuzu trooper II that was on its last wheel. We were putting in the work on it, as we liked it. It was our truck. About X-mas this year, I saw the Element for the 1st time in person. The pictures did not do it justice. I was at the dealership for about 2 hours while my sister was buying a Civic.

The more I looked at it, the more I liked it. I had time to play with the features, and see what it had, and to think about what it could do for us. When I got back home, my wife and I talked. We were looking for something else to replace the Isuzu, but were not sure what we wanted. We visited just about every car dealer in the area looking for a replacment truck.

We have 3 dogs, and wanted something other than a Yuppie wagon, or a super Lux boat. The Element fit the bill. We added on to it, to make it our Element (one of the nice features that Honda planned for), and we just love it. The fuel mileage is great for an SUV, and with the 4WD, it is great in the snow, and mud.

Basically, it is just what we were looking for.

I hope that helps
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