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Grrr I want it

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I just came from test driving a Element the color i want it and my dealer said it's available. But it's the test drive demo ... so i guess i could get something free because its the demo and the 04 model is coming. I know i made a thread just like that a week ago but that i know this one is the demo i think i should really go and try to a lot of thing for free. It's a DX so i tought about getting at least the mags. I want to know what you think about those mags that was on the Element in the dealer.

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I don't yet have my E, but the deal you can get from a dealer varies with the dealer , the salesperson, your negotiating skills and the vehicle you are interested in. I think you're right. There seems to be a lot of evidence that E DX's are not selling as well as EX's and dealers will probably be more willing to deal on them. In my experience, anytime you make an offer on a unit the dealer has on his lot, the dealer is more likely to cut a more favorable deal. My local Honda dealers seem to be willing to let me test drive any vehicle on the lot, so I'm not sure they subscribe to the system where they have designated "demo" units that accumulate lots of miles while others aren't driven at all.
Personally, I like the standard 16" EX alloy wheels as well as anything I've seen so far. Those 18" and 20" wheels are cool-looking but relatively expensive, as are the tires that they require. The standard EX wheels would do it for me.
The DX has a lot appeal as sort of "blank canvas" to work with to create exactly the kind of Element YOU want at minimum cost and at your own pace.
Good luck! Keep us posted about how you do!
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I would try to go well under invoice on a demo. How many miles does it have on it? Keep in mind those abusive test drivers have been at it. Make sure it gets a thorough look over, and INSIST on a free extended warranty.
I agree with the other comment, be careful, the first 600 miles are critical to breaking in an engine by not reving it over 3200 RPM, no rocket starts, easy braking (to eliminate future wobbles when breaking)... now reality, I know that the E I test drove got a few hard pushes on the gas (needed to know how much get up and go she had)... suggest you use the power of the internet and search out 20 dealers, call them all, confirm they have your color, model, etc. then make an offer below what you think you can buy it for and be willing to walk out... I was on a business trip (2 hours from home) saw a honda dealer from the highway, turned around, saw they had the color and model I wanted and went in, having nothing to lose and not planning to buy a car that day, I made a lowball offer $20000 for an EX 4WD and invoice on all the options I wanted (no installation)... the sales guy said I was nuts and I said fine, got up and started to walk out, did not make it to the door when the sales manager came over and said where are you going? I told him I had made my offer, really was not going to buy a car today and thanked him for his time, 10 minutes later, they took my deal (key was they believed I was going to walk away and never come back - which I was!)... hope this has helped give you some ideas and good luck with your decision. What is your favorite color?
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