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Hi, everybody as an element owner I'm interested in converting over to an H.I.D kit, I currently own some PIAA extreme white plus Halogen bulbs rated at 4000K...

overall im pretty satisfied with the lighting but I know that my PIAA's won't last forever...

I wanna get something that near white and has only a little blue in it which would probably be around 5000K-8000K rating...

Can anyone suggest a good quality H.I.D kit manufacturer from which I can buy from?

This is will be my first HID kit upgrade so I also have these questions...
1. Will HID's use more watts from the battery?
2. Is it possible to aim the beam correctly of an HID bulb in a halogen
housing or will i need retrofit?
3. I heard that if HID's are too blue/purple you can be pulled over by the fuzz, so how high can my Kelvin rating be?
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