2007 EX Auto 4WD: 226K, severe underbody rust, was running and driving until rear lower control arm separated from the body. Once I get some honey-do items out of the way (and rearrange the garage some) I will start disassembly. This is identical to my son's E, so we'll probably hang on to some of the body parts as spares and the rear of my 08 LX will go from black to blue. If you really booger yours up and need a fender, door, hatch, etc. let me know. Everything else will be spares for the three Es in our extended family unless/until someone on here needs them, again, let me know what you need.

I'll keep this updated with the state of disassembly and parts availability as they are removed. In the end we'll get a good view (unfortunately) of the kind of rust you should avoid when buying an Element.