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Hang Glider Rack / Aries Gaurd

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I'm posting a few pics of my front "T" rack which I built
to act as a front support to carry my hang glider or a
sea kayak
This is in addition to my Yakima racks
The whole thing is level and in a straight line although
the Yak Racks are not on for the photos

The "U" is 1.25" square 304SS tube - 0.065" wall
The uprights and cross bar are 1" square w/ rounded corners
0.25" wall 6061T6 aluminum

McMaster Carr supplied the quick release pins and the vinyl
caps used to cover the U and the ends of the cross bar

I wanted a simple take apart design low in weight and
easy to store flat under the rear seat

The gaskets I have on now are thicker than the design requires which
is why it is riding a little high on the Aries rack cross member,
I'll be tweaking this in the winter
For now, it works perfectly as is with the light holes providing
vertical restraint and the half tube pieces locking it for and aft

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Looks great IP.

I have to watch for you on the road. You might want to edit those down to a slightly small size though, there are still a few on the boards with dial up.


for another hang glider rack.
Sorry about the file size,
I'll condense things in the future!

I saw the other rack and thought it looked
way to complex - I wanted an easy on/off
that looked streamlined

I like the flexability that the Yak Rack
gives me for top carrying too
That other rack was constructed before after market racks and grill guards were available. Starting with the Aries base your's looks quite logical and well made. Add hitch based 'goal post' and you could support quite a length.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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