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Happy Birthday, Lucy!

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or, "My E has a VIN #". She's real. She's on the way to me soon. Wheee!

I decided to name my E "Lucy" since she's got that orange thing going on, and a wild sense of adventure and humor.

My mother's vehicle she is now purchasing will be "Ethel." We giggled like teenage girls for about half an hour when coming up with those names.

I am delighted. I am thrilled. I am ready for my E. Yeah, baby!
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Kim, you did not inform me that your baby already had a name. Congrats.

Happy Birthday dear Lucy, happy birthday to you :D

Lucy's driver must read this board, because Lucy is no longer in Kansas and now shows to be in Gainsville, TX. Lucy should arrive any day at this rate. Let's just hope Lucy's accessories are all here waiting <fingers crossed>.
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