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Well I don't see how I wouldn't need to take the short bus to the mechanic but wanted to know what could be causing the following:

Whenever I am coming to a complete stop the car has a hard "chung"/hard shift down into first gear and sometimes a hard "chung"/hard shift as I start cruzing back up to speed again or shift out of reverse back into drive. Is there a solenoid that may be gunk'd up or is this a sign of some greater transmission issue. Just wanting to know what are the possible culprits. 100% sure, it is a transmission issue and not brakes or the engine. Happens everytime I come to a complete stop and doesn't go away if the car has been drive for awhile.

Full disclosure, the E is now about at 190k. Did do a transmission fluid change out at 130k-ish. This is treated more as our 3rd car/truck now a days and was loaned out to my bro in law the last 6 months or so, but have had it back for like a month. I have no transmission issues with this car before.

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