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Harper's Ferry CHECK-IN "Camp out in Motion"

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Well, it's that time boys & girls.......NATIONAL MEET TIME!!!

Justin hit the road yesterday, Gaily, Dom, Patty, Rick, Carly & the baby are on the road this morning......


Let's use this thread as a "Check In & update" directly from the campground to us sitting at home that can't make it down.....

YAY!! :D
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well, goosler, I guess they're just up to too much fun. It was a long trip but those of us who couldn't go are ready for our our voyeur skills to be put to use.

Pics are wanted!

Guys, don't forget us!

Our hearts are with you. Hope the trip went well.

Goosler and I will be checking in constantly.

we absolutely will......I can't believe Dom hasn't setup his mobile CIA lab with satellite hookup yet........:D:D
Have a great time, and don't forget the pics!!!!
Ok I left on Wednesday to pick up a friend and well then Thursday to WV I am back home now so I am going to try to post pictures soon
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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