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Well, that is an interesting story!
We bought our SOP, 4wd EX 2 w/SAB weeks ago. Before we went to get the car I had been pre-approved by a credit union for the financing. I actually joined the CU that day to get the 3.99% financing. They were very nice, gave me a 24 hour # and said just fax the bill of sale when we made the deal.
We called every dealership we could think of, even those 4 to 5 hours away. Got the best deal (19,900) at a dealership in MD. Walked in, met the guy we'd talked to on the phone, shook hands and started filling out paperwork. He shuffled us to the finance people and we promptly explained we didn't need financing, etc. The finance lady said let's see what we can do for you. She came up with 6.4% We said no thank you, we already have 3.99%. She met that rate. We said no thank you we feel a loyalty to our CU. She dropped the rate to 3.59% Even though it only worked out to a few dollars difference it eliminated any loyalty we were holding onto and we got Honda financing.
Also of interest, she dropped the extended warranty price by 30% from her first quote. We didn't get it, but still interesting if you do want it.
Prior to this experience I had no idea these rates were negotiable! I paid 8%APR on my Civic for 5 years without ever a word.
And you know, they never confirmed the interest rate I quoted from my CU.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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