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My husband and I are looking to buy an E, but we already have a Durango outfitted with Thule and love it. And we have a kayak trailer that is perfect, made by SportsRig in Morro Bay California. Since we bought the kayak trailer we no longer carry the kayaks on the SUV unless we are having friends paddle with us.

The kayak trailer is much more convenient, and utilizes the Thule racks perfectl so we can move our entire Thule system from SUV to trailer for our bikes, kayaks, cargo boxes, etc. The kayak trailer is also light enough to be pulled from vehicle to vehicle by hand, and we even use it for portaging a distance from the vehicle to the water if we can't park alongside the river banks. With the trailer I can now go paddling with just the girls, and we don't have to stuggle loading the top of the SUV.

The kayak trailer even folds up flat so you can store it alongside your garage wall, and we then use the Harken Hoisters to store the kayaks in the rafters of the garage.

I can't wait to get my E so I can put my kayak trailer on it!
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