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Headlights 09 model

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I have just bought an 09' 4wd element and have noticed that at night while driving with my lights on low beam that there is a distinct line of light and dark while driving. It's as if the horizon is bobbing up and down as the suspension is bouncing and it's driving me crazy. The dealer says they are adjusted right but have not heard of this being a problem. Is this the way it is made and others have this or is it just me?
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Mine is the same way even after I changed to PIAA bulbs H-4
Welcome to modern headlight technology. If you feel that this cut off line is to low check the back of the lights for a plastic bolt to adjust the height.
It's the same on my E. It drives me nuts, I've always had trucks in the past so I never had this before. I just drive accordingly.
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