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2005 m/t EX AWD
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After years of lusting, obsessing, coveting, fixating ...I finally found a 2005 "E" at a local dealer.
I picked it up from my independent Japanese vehicle mechanic I'm ALL IN..the Element World.

I slowly reading content from the Forums( thank you) & trying to not get buried with TMI ( Too much info)

Mechanic did a bunch of work,: replaced Shocks*Struts*Control arms*Tie Rod*Induction Svc*Fluids*CAT Shield by Miller Cat Corp. & more......

Three questions( for now)

1. Is there a way to combine Car Alarm FOB & ignition Key. Sales rep say no...:-(
2. Is there a license Plate Mount for the front bumper. My State( WA) requires a front plate...
3. Learned the catalytic converter is NOT stock & the CAT Shield I bought is secure...but rattles, any suggestions?

Element rides rough( 200k + miles).
Getting new Michelin tires( Costco) next week, which should help the ride somewhat.
Any thoughts for a smoother & more quiet ride. I know it will never be as smooth as our 2007 Pilot. View attachment 215498 View attachment 215498 View attachment 215498

Plan on keeping my/our E for a few years & maybe train our nearly 13 year old, how to drive in it!

Thanks in advance,
Garth 😎
Your pinstripe looks so good!
My 05 is your twin. 👀❤
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