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Just got a new to me '05 Red AWD manual this past weekend and so far we're loving it. My wife has named it "Boron", given that its an '05.

Its replacing our well loved 1997 Ford Ranger that started making some nasty sounds from the transmission. We both like the E TON's better. Its got just as much hauling ability and is so much better as an everyday car (4 real seats, AC that works). Our beagle is still getting used to it though (he liked the bench seat in the truck better than buckets).

Just did a bunch of maintenance on it this weekend to bring it up to my standards: oil change to synthetic, coolant flush, and I removed the stupid "tornado" from the intake that the previous owner had installed. what a joke.

Planning on doing diff fluid and tranny fluid change this coming weekend. Anything else I should do, its at 57k miles right now. I'm debating whether or not to do a brake fluid flush.
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Welcome to the Forum. I hope you enjoy your E as much as we do ours.
Were gonna need pics of the E and the beagle pup:rolleyes::)

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Were gonna need pics of the E and the beagle pup:rolleyes::)
What the queen said.....................
Nice choice in color and tranny- can't wait to see pics! :D
Good point, I do need to take some pics of the dog in his new truck. He makes anything look good though, even that old beat up ranger. . .

As soon as the rain clears up I'll try and snap a couple.

Tested out the AWD today a bit in the pouring rain. There were a couple spots around some turns where I KNEW a regular FWD car would spin tires if I just mashed the gas. In the E, you feel it just hunker down, it tightens its line a bit (from the rear wheels starting to provide thrust) and goes. I was fairly impressed. I was expecting to have a lot of front wheelspin before it engaged, but the only time it did that was when I was on a really steep hill starting hard.
Welcome to the cult and we can't wait to see the pics.

Be sure to fill in your profile so we can form a stalking party.
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