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Help -- A Couple of Questions

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1. I have read many posts about Vinylex, a product people are using on the interior of their Elements. I cannot find it. Who sells it?

2. Approximately how long of a bungee cord should I buy for use on the back of the seats? I know there are different configurations that can be made but approximately how much have you used? What is the length of the bungee accessory sold by Honda?

Thanks for any info.
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1. You can usually find Lexol (makers of Vinylex) at Ace Hardware, Pep Boys, aother auto stores, and higher end car washes. You can also find it on the internet...just type in "Lexol" in your search engine.

2. 15ft of bungee per seat....that way you can make all the cool configurations.....and find the one that best suits you and your E. I am not exactly sure the length of the Honda bungees....I would go measure them for you, but they are in my seat backs! :lol:

Many people on the boards have gotten bungee on EBay (150 ft I think for like $20) you can go to Ebay and just type in "Bungee"....I forget the guys name, but he has all sorts of colors.

Also check your local marine supply store....ours sold bungee by the foot in several colors, REI or another outdoors type store with climbing gear should also have bungee by the foot!

Good Luck!
You aren't looking hard enough if you can't find Lexol. I have used Vinylex for years on my Passat's interior. It's a good match for complimenting a leather interior, to make vinyl appear more natural & shiney. I personally don't think it's a good match for the Element. 303, which I recommended for your panels in another thread, works on the interior as well. It keeps the vinyl clean, but doesn't add a shine to it - at least to the degree that Lexol will.

As for bungees, that guy on eBay is LOVING the Element. My backseat, which I went hog wild on, took about 12 feet. 15 feet will definitely work.

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Haha, PSM - you might be getting a bit carried away there hehe... :lol:

Your seats kinda looks like that game kids play... :lol:

See less See more you mean "cats in the cradle"???

I am in the midst of bungee soon as I make a bit of sense out of my tri-colored bungee seat backs I will post a pic :)

right now my one seat backs looks like a really bad bungee car wreck....but I will finish it up tomorrow....just trying to decide on the final design! I am using black, royal blue and yellow in my EBP E! WooooHoooo....colorishious bungee madness!!!! :roll: :roll: :roll:
Thanks for the info on the Vinylex, 303 and the bungee. I had not tried Pep Boys since the closest one is 35 miles from me. Will now make the trip. Is the 303 available there also?

psm0110: Did that bungee configuration come to you in a vision? That is mind boggling. I like it but I'm not sure it can be duplicated.
Pep Boys should have it (maybe you want to call first)....not that taking your baby E for a 70 mile round trip would be a bad thing, but just to be in the safe side. We don't have Pep Boys here in St. Louis, but there is one by my mom's house in the northern burbs of when I was there for Easter I went and bought some more, because the only place I can find the Vinylex here in St. Louis is the expensive car wash place that chipped the paint on my E :evil: :evil: :evil: so needless to say I will not be going back there to buy any! If need be I will order it online......I just paying for shipping!!!!
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