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I've tried searching for certain things, and I come up with too much to read thru. I thought maybe some of you who have spent more time here than I could point me in the right direction for the following:

1-I would like to see any/all pix of graphics on the E except for brand related stuff. (including ones with contrasting painted sections of the body, like the roof, etc.)
2-Are there any out there with racing stripes or hood stripes like Mini's have?
3-What is the largest tire anyone has safely mounted to the stock rims w/o any problems?
4-I want to switch to an OWL (only!) all season tire with a more agressive tread, any suggestions. (oh, and I don't want them to sound like Armstrong Tru-Tracs or Denman Ground Hawgs.)
5-Any suggestions on using Photoshop to try some graphic designs? I have not mastered it like I have others, like the MSOffice suite.
Thank you all.
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