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OK, your first post is because you can't get her started??!! :shock::roll:

First of all - WELCOME and glad to have you here!!:eoc:

That said, on to your problem and a suggestion or two - check ALL your electronics - connectors, spark wires to and from the coil, anywhere that might have been hit by the water. And, BTW, be careful when pressure washing to COMPLETELY avoid your brake cylinder (for future use). Water and brake fluid are a very volatile mix for you braking system (another EOC member posted this a while ago). :-(

Dry everything you touch as you're checking it. May not solve the problem, but, it doesn't hurt. I always start my car immediately after washing the engine, might help avoid this in the future.

Hope this helps some and GOOD LUCK!! ;-):):razz:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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