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Im working on an 03 Honda element with a KA24. It was towed here, when i rolled it off the trailer it started right up. I drove it into the shop and decided to let it run a few minutes. I then shut it off and attempted to re-start it but got nothing. All it would do was crank over, but not fire. I noticed while cranking it over that the cluster (rpms and speedo mainly) were jumping up and down erratically. I decided to hook up my autel scan tool and pull any possible codes and it strarted back up first try, then died the second i unplugged the scanner. I did pull one code The code is p0606 (ecm processor failure) I followed the diag steps listed for the code and even replaced the ecm. it still did the same things with the new ecm and would start right up when i plugged in the scan tool, then die once i pulled the connector from the obd port.

I have full battery voltage, i have cleaned and re-grounded everything under the hood, i have inspected every fuse in both fuse blocks.

I am able to read live data with the vehicle running, everything looks fine but one thing. that is the the ELD is at -.19v and it should be around 20v......i dont even think thats related but i thought i would put it out there.
If any of you have suggestions i would love to try them
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