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help needed moving dogs from hoarder in LA

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I have been helping some rescue people deal with a hoarder in S. Central LA over the past few weeks. Over 80 dogs in awful conditions. Because the hoarder is behind on her rent and getting lots of pressure from animal control, she has agreed to let us get the dogs into foster care or adoptive homes. We took 13 as of yesterday and they're willing to give up a lot more.

We MAY need help moving some of the dogs from S. Central LA to Sun Valley (near Burbank), S. Central to Passadena on Saturday and Sunday for the adoption event, and possibly a second vehicle following me from LA to Vegas so some of the dogs can be transferred to Best Friends in Utah (I"m not driving all the way there!).

Please let me know if you or anyone you know would be willing to help - even one trip makes a difference. Crates will be provided and you won't have to load/unload the dogs.

If we get some Elements involved, Honda may notify the media.

Please e-mail me directly at [email protected]
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Not sure if you have a facebook but there is a page for requesting and offering animal rescue transports. just search "Take Me Home: Animal Rescue Transports" and become a fan. Its pretty active and has almost 4k fans.
I wish I was near. I would have helped. But I live near san francisco. I hope you rescue all those pets. God bless them!!!!!!
I just sent you an e-mail...let me know what I can do to help.

I am booked this weekend but maybe be able to help next weekend if it doesn't snow again.:x
20 dogs moved to foster care so far!

It all depends on how much pressure animal control and the landlord put on them before they find a place to move and take the dogs with them.
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