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It sounds like a reasonable price.

The accessories are worth a total $672 uninstalled, if you buy them from hondacuraworld or handacessories (keyless entry, $107; security system, $161; sidesteps, $315; splash guards, $59; wheel locks, $30). Installation isn't a big deal. My dealer installed the keyless entry, roof rack, splash guards and wheel locks in less than an hour. My trusted mechanic of 10 years installed the fog lights ($252), exhaust finisher ($21) and all-season floor mats ($100) in two hours and charged $120 for the labor). So you're paying about $21,528 for your Element.

According to, the "true market value" of a Galapagos Green 4WD Element EX in Connecticut is $21,270, including a destination charge of $460, color adjustment of $6 and a regional adjustment of $-46. So you're not too far off from that price, considering the dealer put in some labor to install the accessories.

However, according to, there is a dealer holdback of $626 on the EX 4WD. That figure matches the $460 destination charge and the $200 dealer advertising fee. So if you're a haggler and the dealer is motivated, you might get a further break. Or, you might just ask the dealer to throw in floor mats, or some other accessory you want, to seal the deal, in my humble opinion. It doesn't hurt to try. Good luck! :lol:
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