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[quote:23606496c3="ct221933"]Hi! Need your valuable input here....
A dealer has offered my $22,200 for a green EX 4WD (Auto)Element with the following options:

(1) side steps
(2) keyless entry
(3) security system
(4) mud flaps
(5) wheel locks

Should I take it? I have 12 hours to make the decision. Any feedback is welcomed!![/quote:23606496c3]

I come up with a price of $21,853

I find that you have "keyless remote" listed along with the security system. You should get the keyless remote with security system...its part of the system.

I think the overall price that you are receiving is MSRP. My difference is a slight discount in pricing on the E.

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[quote:0ade840d32="ct221933"]:?: Need more advice.....

I did not take up the offer because it was our first visit to the dealership. I take it that $21,853 will be a good price with the options I want (according to Jerry).

I currently have an 97 Audi A4 1.8T that I would like to trade in. The dealer does not know I want to trade in the car when we were negotiating the price. I plan to bring up the trade in car only when we finalize the new car price.

My wife absolutely wants a SOP or Green Element, and as we all know, these colors are on the waiting list for weeks or even months!

My questions are :

(1) Assuming that the dealer and I agree on the new car price and the trade-in price, do I hand over the trade-in car to the dealer immediately and consider the trade in price as deposit while waiting for the new car to arrive?

(2) How do I ensure that I really have the SOP element when one is allocated to my dealer?

Thanks to all![/quote:0ade840d32]

First of all, when you were talking with the dealership...did they ask you about a trade in?

That is one of the first series of questions that I ask. Here is why. Lets use an example, say that you have a trade that KBB says has a 5,000 value in good condition. Lets say that the "real value" of your car is 4,000 (happens every in and day out KBB over values cars) Lets also say that you owe 6,000 on the are in effect working from about a 2,000 negative equity.

Is this important? You bet it is.

Or how about financing? It would be important for the dealership to know if you have good credit or a BK...right?

The point I am trying to make is this. This isn't the "game" that it used to be. In my dept, we take our business very seriously. It is my job to help people buy a Honda. If I get the "hint" of any game playing or deciet...its bye bye. The same is said of my customers, if they thought that I was playing any games or hiding any info...they would go somewhere else. That is my business philosiphy...and it works really well.

Call the dealership that you worked price with. Tell the salesman that you want to have you trade in evaluated. This will tell you what the dealership is willing to pay for your car. You then have the option to take it to a Car Max type place to get another opinion...or to sell it youself. Call yor bank and get the 20 day payoff on your financing. Now you know what you really have to have for a "trade figure". If everything looks good, then bring your title to the dealership with you. You will leave your car at the dealership when you take physical delivery of the new vehicle.

It is also a good idea when you are having your car evaluated, to take the time to complete a credit application for pre-approval. You want the delivery proces to go smoothly, with all variables to be addressed.

Buying a car is kinda like making a cake. If you dont have all of the ingredients, then you have a crappy cake...make sense?

Good luck.
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