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Help w/Car Alarm problem.

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I purchased my Element used and it had an aftermarket car alarm (I'm pretty sure), on it. It has the chirps that sound like a viper, but I'm not sure. The other day, the key remote stopped working. This would unlock/lock and enable/disable the alarm. The remote has new batteries in it - that I replaced a few months ago and it lights up. I'm thinking it's a fuse problem and I've gone thru the under the hood fuse box and under the dash fuse box. What's the easiest way to figure out which type of alarm I have? I've tried looking for the unit, but I really don't know what I'm lookng for. Any other advice is appreciated as well.


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Its best to take to a place that installs alarms but usually they will install the module unit near the steering coloum on the firewall. I am assuming that your remote does not say Honda on it. Did you only get one remote with it?
Yeah, it doesn't say Honda, and it has a trunk button so I'm sure it's aftermarket. I do only have one remote.
It will most certainly be under the drivers side dash or drivers side right leg panel. I would say that the main unit is fried and have seen many do the exact same thing you describe. You can check the two in-line fuses but chances are they will be ok. If you want the easiest and fastest fix I would find the main control unit and order another with the exact same model number. You can then just plug and play with the existing wiring and since you won't require a shop for install you should be able to do this for under $100.
Yeah, found 3 in-line fuses and they're fine, I'm pretty sure I found the unit, but it's got a heavy-duty plastic tie holding it in place and I can't see any brand or model number on it, so it must be on the back side. I'll cut it out. My buddy said the same thing, that it's probably fried, so I'll look at ordering a new one. Thanks.
The remote has new batteries in it - that I replaced a few months ago and it lights up.
Even though you changed the batteries only a few months ago and the remote still lights up,it still may not have enough voltage to arm/disarm the unit. I would first try out some fresh batteries before messing around with removing the unit.:) The battery on my two way for my remote start/alarm barely lasts me over a month.:-(
post a picture of the front and back of the remote and if you can snap somethign of the brain it may help identify it and get you going without having to remove it.
Generic remotes are used by more than 30 different alarm makers so it could be hard to identify via this. You will notice on that back side of the unit there will be an FCC white sticker. You can trace the maker via the beginning of the FCC numbers as they are maker dependent. Worse case scenario is you will have to remove the alarm housing to find marks on the pcb board. Even if the maker is out of business you should still be able to find one via ebay or ioffer.

While you are under there be sure to look at how the unit was installed into the factory wiring. If you don't see diodes installed on the door trigger relays and triggers than chances are that is why the unit went. I can't understand why pro shops don't install them all the time :/. I have used generic alarms that outlasted the life of the car if diodes are installed and I have seen them die every 1-2 years when diodes are not installed.
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